Backerhaus Veit European-trained Artisan Bakers
Our Values
From our one location where quality control is meticulously safeguarded, our team of European-trained Bakers do not compromise when it comes to creating the very best handcrafted breads, rolls and pretzel products. No detail is too small whether it's an additional 100% hand-inspection of our dried fruits or seed ingredients, or taking time to hand-shape and score each loaf to maintain the original artisan look. We have an unrelenting focus on quality and consistency. We believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to creating great bread.

A shared belief that integrity, honesty, responsibility and respect are core values at Backerhaus forms the basis for a cohesive, committed and dedicated team. Over 50% of our employees have been a part of the Backerhaus family for more than five years. We are in the business of creating the "staff of life" and are committed to doing it in a way that makes us all proud.
Innovation at Backerhaus Veit comes in many forms. We incorporate the newest equipment and technology from Europe to help enhance the crumb, shape and crust of our breads. We employ a par-baking process and blast freezing technology to help guarantee consistency and extend product shelf life. We stay on top of the latest global consumer trends to help our customers create new and exciting products. And we have an R&D capability with the kind of ingenuity, responsiveness and service orientation that is second to none.

Every single Backerhaus Veit product has three generations of European bread making passion, caring and craftsmanship baked into it. Each and every person on the Backerhaus Veit team is driven by an all-out commitment to both product and service excellence.