Backerhaus Veit Authentic Artisan Breads, Rolls & Pretzel Products
Bread Care
  • Our craft breads are available either Frozen Par-baked or Fully Baked.
  • Our freezer shelf life is nine to twelve months.
  • Frozen product should never be stored in a refrigerator, thawed in proof box or be re-frozen after thawed.
  • To thaw, let the bread stand at room temperature and follow handling instructions by category for perfect results.
  • In most environments we recommend a bake time of five to ten minutes maximum at 210°C/415°F. This finishing step enhances the amber colour and crispness of the crust while ensuring the fresh-baked quality of the interior of every loaf, every time.
  • Bake times vary according to product size. To help you achieve the best possible results, our trained sales staff would be pleased to provide you with baking and handling guidelines.
  • After baking, the product should be allowed to cool to room temperature before slicing.
  • A sharp knife with a serrated blade that is at least twelve inches long is essential to cutting artisan bread. This allows the user to lightly hold onto the loaf while cutting; ensuring the crumb maintains its texture, shape and integrity.
  • Fresh-baked product should be merchandised for one day. Smaller quantities should be baked three to four times throughout the day in order to maintain optimal freshness.