Testing in Backerhaus Veit R&D Facility
Innovation & Technology
At our state of the art facility, under the ever watchful eyes of our trained Bakers, new process control technologies have been integrated into the baking process to increase quality control and productivity without losing the unmistakable taste of authentically prepared artisan bread.
  • New technologies - Backerhaus Veit is one of the market leaders in the field of par-baking technology - achieving increased shelf life while maintaining quality. With our customized "shock" high-humidity freezing technology we are able to ensure the consistent quality of our breads from the moment they are packed to when they are served on our customers' menus or finished in our customers' ovens.
  • R&D responsiveness - whether it's an opportunity or a problem, our hands-on R&D team can provide quick and innovative solutions for either branded or Private Label requests.
  • Market-driven intelligence - BV extensively researches the latest North American and European consumer tastes and trends and responds with leading edge product ideas for you- our customers.