Backerhaus Veit Deli Pretzel Hoagie
Deli Pretzel Hoagie
Our signature Bavarian Pretzel Hoagie made according to our traditional German recipe brings your favourite cold cuts and condiments to life.

1 Backerhaus Veit Pretzel Hoagie Bun
3 ounces assorted deli meats to taste (any combination of salami, mortadella, kielbasa, ham, turkey, roast beef or bologna)
1 dill pickle
2 slices process Swiss or American Cheese
Crispy green leaf lettuce
Sliced Red and Yellow Peppers
Yellow or Deli Mustard or Dijonaise
1. Slice the Pretzel Hoagie lengthwise.
2. Layer the cold cuts onto the bottom half of the pretzel hoagie.
3. Slice the dill pickle lengthwise and layer onto cold cuts.
4. Garnish with green leaf lettuce and pepper slices.
5. Spread the mustard of your choice on top half of Pretzel Hoagie and close sandwich.