Backerhaus Veit Ham Provolone & Alfalfa Sprout Sandwich
Ham, Provolone & Alfalfa Sprout Sandwich
(makes 1 serving)
Caraway is a European and NY favourite. This traditional hearty rye bread loaded with caraway seeds surrounds a healthy and delicious blend of ham, cheese and alfalfa sprouts.

2 slices of Backerhaus Veit Caraway Rye Bread
2 ounces of sliced Black Forest ham
1/2 ounce of alfalfa sprouts (a small handful)
1 slice Provolone cheese
Dressing - Choice of: Dijonaise, Honey Mustard, Dilled Mayonnaise
1. Slice the bread about inch thick.
2. Place Black Forest ham on one slice.
3. Put slice of Provolone Cheese over ham.
4. Layer alfalfa sprouts to cover the ham and cheese.
5. Apply desired amount of your choice of dressing on the remaining slice and cover lower portion to complete the sandwich.

Variation: You may substitute shaved roast beef for the ham and fresh Radicchio or chopped salad may replace the alfalfa sprouts.