Backerhaus Veit Sesame Semolina Bacon Melt Sandwich
Sesame Semolina Bacon Melt (makes 1 sandwich)
This light sourdough is loaded with sesame seeds inside and out, for a really crispy crunch. A real North American breakfast in real European bread.

3 slices of bacon (or back bacon)
2 slices Backerhaus Veit Sardinian Sesame Sourdough Bread
1 slice of American or Cheddar cheese
2 slices of steak tomato
Butter or mayonnaise
Optional: one slice of ham
1. Toast two slices of Backerhaus Veit Sardinian Sesame Semolina bread sliced with a sharp serrated bread knife about 1/2 inch thick.
2. Apply butter or mayonnaise to the bread after toasting.
3. Cook the bacon.
4. Put the bacon, cheese and tomato on the bottom slice and cover with a second slice.